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Welcome to Rock golden doodle Home, we are sure you will find the golden doodle puppy of your choice on our website.

At Rock golden doodle Home, we are proud to be breeding beautiful and healthy golden doodle full of love, gratefulness, loyalty and true in their affections. When combined with the outstanding genetics of our females, the results are golden doodles Puppies that are as well-bred and long living as they are cute and lovable.

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Many Golden doodle lovers describe the breed as loving “fluffballs” who love their humans and socializing with other people and pups alike. Despite their medium stature, the Golden doodles has a big personality with the energy levels to match.

Thanks to the Terrier in them, Golden doodles can be somewhat stubborn. Training may be a little tough, but with patience and persistence, a golden doodles can learn to obey commands.

The golden doodle is also a great watchdog. If they hear or see something amiss, they will let you know! If you want a watchdog that will let you know as soon as someone is at the door, the golden doodle might be a good fit for you.

They also tend to latch on to one family member most of all, though they can get along with others in the house. golden doodles may be best suited to a one-person home or smaller families, as they demand quite a bit of attention.